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  • International Conference on

    Food Processing and Technology

    Theme: Safety and Nutritional Values-Top Priorities in Food Processing Technology

    November 18 - 20, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • International Conference on

    Food Processing and Technology

    Theme: Safety and Nutritional Values-Top Priorities in Food Processing Technology

    November 18 - 20, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why Scientific Serve

The motto of Scientific Serve is to bring all the scientists, academia, industry, research scholars, professors and renowned personalities, students and professionals in the respective fields of science and technology and the people in general, where they can discuss and debate the technological advancements and emerging research trends, discoveries and inventions in relevant fields of science and technology. There will be brainstorming sessions and electrifying interactions in these conferences and how best these advancements and its fruits can be carried over to each and every human being across the nations and make the world a better place to live in. To achieve these ends, Scientific Serve on a regular basis conducts and organizes conferences on various fields of science and technologies on international platforms across the world. Now Scientific Serve is organizing an International Conference on Food Processing and Technology in Amsterdam, Netherlands from November 18 to 20, 2019.

We at, Scientific Serve welcome you to the International Conference on Food Processing and Technology.  

Food processing procedures dates back to the prehistoric ages when crude processing incorporated fermenting, sun drying, preserving with salt and various types of cooking such as roasting, smoking, steaming, and oven baking. Such basic food processing involved chemical enzymatic changes to the basic structure of food in its natural form as well as served to build a barrier against surface microbial activity that caused rapid decay. Salt-preservation was especially common for foods that constituted warrior and sailors' diets until the introduction of canning methods. Evidence for the existence of these methods can be found in the writings of the ancient Greek, Chaldean, Egyptian and Roman civilizations as well as archaeological evidence from Europe, North and South America and Asia. These tried and tested processing techniques remained essentially the same until the advent of the industrial revolution. Examples of ready-meals also date back to before the preindustrial revolution, and include dishes such as Cornish pasty and Haggis. Both during ancient times and today in modern society these are considered processed foods.

This conference witnesses live-wire interactions, lectures, debates, workshops, plenary talks, keynote addresses, poster sessions on emerging trends and technologies, new discoveries in food processing and technology.

People Eligible to Attend this Conference

Dieticians, food technologists, nutritionists, clinical nutritionists, health care professionals, nutrition associations and societies, integrated health promoters, fitness professionals, clinical research scientists, food science and nutrition science societies, food Industrialists, students, hotels and their staff are welcome to participate in this conference

Benefits of Participating in the Conference

Delegates participating in this conference stand to gain a lot. They can meet renowned speakers, discuss with them, and share with them their expertise and experience and exchange ideas enhancing their own knowledge in the fields concerning food processing and technology.
  • Clinical Nutritionists

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